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Great Orchid Websites  
  All About Orchids
This North of England Orchid Society claims to be the oldest one in the world. Their site fearures lots of information about plant culture, problems, stories, and more.
  Ant Control
Lots of us orchid growers have a problem with ants. This is a great article about controlling them.
  AnTec Laboratory Ladyslipper Page
Everything you ever wanted to know about Paphiopedilums and Phragmipediums.
  Brazilian Orchids
Lots of great info. Check out the really neat Data Center. Select a genus, select a photo, get a great description and growing requirements.
  Mid-Atlantic AOS Judging Center
These AOS judges meet in Philadelphia. The site feateres a list of all awarded plants and some photos.

Neem Foundation
Lots of information about the natural insecticide 'Neem'.

  NotSoGreen Thumb
Great private orchid site. Get great wallpaper, calendars and screen savers. Check out the section with "Questions and Answers", published by the AOS, Orchid Genera and Abbreviations, and Orchid Nomenclature. Great!

Orchid Digest
When you're serious about orchids, well, here is where you can subscribe to the Orchid Digest.

  Orchid Guide
This is a very informative and great designed orchid information site in Belgium.
  Orchid News of Papua New Guinea
I especially liked the orchid genus descriptions.
  the Orchid Mall
Great site with lots of good links. You'll spend lots of time here.
Orchid Resource Directiory. Connecting you to nearly 1000 Orchid Resources in over 46 Countries. It's pretty impressive and constantly growing.
  Orchids of the World
This site has been created by true orchid professionals. Great photos and info. Best of all, the Glossary section where you will find the full genus names and hybrid genera parentage of orchids - that is, which natural genera were used to create a given hybrid genus.
  The Orchid Site
This is quite nice: A greenhouse with links to vendors sorted by categories like wooden baskets, Brassia or pesticides. Also lots of links and other good orchid info.
  The Native Orchids of New York State
Here you will find some great info about growing environments of our native orchids. Didn't know that some of them actually stay dormant underground for several years between flowering.
  The Wild Orchid Company
Here you will find Hardy Terrestrial Orchids for Exotic Perennial Gardens. They are dedicated to the ethical production and sale of hardy terrestrial orchids for the perennial garden and also have publshed a book on how to grow them.
  Best Photo Sites  
  AnTec Laboratory Ladyslipper Page
Also check out these interesting photos of paph roots!

Internet Orchid Photo Encyclopedia
This site offers a large amount of orchid species photos, who discovered them and when and where, and basic culture information.

  Marriott Orchids
Large listing of hybrid paphs.
  NotSoGreen Thumb
Not just photos of orchids, but also Botanical Gardens and the Japan Grand Prix Orchid Festival.

Orchid News Papua New Guinea
Check out these great habitat photos!

  Orchid Species of the Far North Coast of New South Wales, Australia
Beautiful. Includes descriptions. Check out the Dendrobiums and Cymbidiums.
  the Orchid Mall Orchid Photography Sites
Comprehensive list of photo sites.
  The Wild Orchid Company
For some reason the 'Photo Gallery' is not active yet. Just select 'Species Price List' at the bottom of the page and then click on each name to see some really stunning photos.
  The Orchid Photo Page
Stunning Photographs by Greg Allikas from both AOS judgings and private collections.
  Traditional Botanical Illustrations by Carol Wickenhiser-Schaudt
Better than photos. Artistic passion with the trained eye of a scientist.
  Orchid Discussion Groups  
This forum is for the discussion of orchids, how to grow them, special care, sources of plants, etc. I have posted questions here myself and received lots of good answers.
  Orchid Safari
"The Friendly Orchid Chat". You will have to sign up to gain access to 'the conference room', but then you can chat in real time with other orchid enthusiasts. If there seems to be no activity in the room go to the bottom of the screen and click on "Who's Where" and you will see a list of people presently online and what chat rooms they are in.
A list for growers and hobbyists to discuss natural history, cultivation, conservation, ecology, taxonomy of orchid species. Primarily for species enthusiasts rather than domestic hybrids.

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